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Early-stage companies typically face a variety of challenges. In some cases these obstacles are the result of insufficient resources and, in other cases, unmanageable growth. Cattaneo International provides a range of consulting services to companies, entrepreneurs and their investors to help them define, plan and manage their way to success.

Defining Your Goals
The greatest risk to your business is a lack of focus. Without a simple and clearly defined strategy, your growing company can become easily distracted.
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Planning For Growth
If you aren't making the progress you and your investors want, you are probably doing too few of the right things and too many of the wrong ones.  
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High Performance Marketing and Sales
Your strategy is clear and your expansion plan is in place. Now you need customers.
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Corporate Development
Once your business has achieved some critical mass, your company may be well-positioned to leverage its momentum to achieve quantum leaps forward.
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Growth Management and Outsourcing
Even successful growing companies can run into a wall. Many times these obstacles are the result of trying to master too many things.                        
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Venture Finance - Preparation and Due Diligence
Good ideas alone are not enough. Your vision must be well-articulated to attract capital.
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Start-up Incubation
In select situations, we invest in and provide services for equity.

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