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If you aren't making the progress you and your investors want, you are probably doing too few of the right things and too many of the wrong ones. Once you have defined a short list of critical goals you will be prepared to avoid distractions and manage rapid growth. The key to managing your company's growth is thoughtful planning and preparation.

In addition to developing numerous start-up plans, we have helped clients plan and, more importantly, implement a wide array of critical development areas including:

Modeling a roll-out strategy and operations support system ( OSS ) for a rapidly growing services firm. This resulted in a smooth, organic growth to accommodate growing demand.

Recommending and participating in the hiring of a world-class executive management team to lead this client's international product introduction. This resulted in a shift in the business model and rapid global expansion.

Developing a clear and simple finance and growth strategy for this early-stage client who had strong technology, but limited market penetration. Within 12 months, the client company shifted from losing hundreds of thousands in R&D costs to generating more than $10 million in revenue with cash flow in excess of $5 million annually.

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