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business development consultant

Once your business has achieved some critical mass, your company may be well-positioned to leverage its momentum to achieve quantum leaps forward. 


We have helped to jumpstart our client's businesses through a variety of development efforts including:

Structured an LBO for  our client, an early-stage technology developer, to acquire a growing and profitable complimentary business. This transaction resulted in immediate critical mass and validation to initiate sale of new product lines.

Negotiated a joint venture with an Asian technology developer to acquire exclusive distribution rights. The resulting New
co was then able to develop an expanding distributor base across 50+ countries.

Added new complementary
  business lines to a client's existing sales channels. Results included new profit centers and enhanced customer-loyalty.


We begin by analyzing and understanding your unique business and the environment in which it operates. As we begin to understand your business we look for opportunities to develop new business lines and alliances. We then use our experience to aid you in the positioning, selling and structuring of those relationships to ensure your expansion is successful.

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