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Each year, Cattaneo International works with a select number of passionate entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision. If you would like us to help you plan and grow your business, we ask that you submit an Executive Summary or Business Plan.

Please include:

a brief history of your company;
description of your products and services;
biographical information for the key players within your company; and
add a brief explanation of your market and what differentiates you from your competition, including specific competitors.

Please submit your documents by using the upload tool. Remember to include a return street address, email and phone number. Once we receive the information, it can take a couple of weeks for the initial review process.

Cattaneo International is regularly considering a variety of business ideas and plans. Some times, we may receive requests from different parties pursuing similar business plans. Please be aware that we are under no obligation to compensate anyone for any business idea or plan submitted, regardless of whether we pursue a similar or identical idea or plan in the future.

To submit an Executive Summary or your business plan for review. Click here.


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